UX designer working with

startups, companies, and institutions

to increase business growth.

What I can help you with

Product & Service Development

Design & Facilitate:
Design Sprint ・UX&UI・Branding・Business Modeling・Prototyping・User-Testing
Clients I have worked with:
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Design Workshops

Facilitate & Instruct:
Design Sprint・Design Thinking・UX Workshops
Clients I have worked with:

Market & Customer Research

Design & Conduct:
Online & Field Surveys・User Interviews
Clients I have worked with:
Portrait of KJ Kim

That's me! ✌️

I help people reach their goals by designing, facilitating, and building for human-centered products and interactive experiences.

From clients to colleagues, two things I always promise:

Committed to
making others successful.

I enjoy being a part of people's growth to success.

Transparent & inclusive
in the collaborative process.

I am open to people and I make things accessible for others.


5 client works

1. Prototyping a venture's digital products (apps & websites)
2. Facilitating workshops for a city's entrepreneurship program
3. Storyboarding to research remote workplace discussions
4. Branding, promoting, and designing an event experience
5. Design sprints to solve a venture's business problem

Increasing fan engagement at live sporting events

How might we increase fan engagement at live sporting events? We explored this question with design sprints, prototyping a mobile App for AI chatbot commentary, AR games, and a Meetup platform at the event SXSW in Austin, Texas before market launch.
Product & Service Development
Market & Customer Research

Startup Fukuoka City
Global Challenge!

Empowering over 400 entrepreneurs with this program by facilitating UX design and design thinking workshops, helping them ultimately prepare for pitch contests in Fukuoka and San Francisco. Over the years, these fundamental workshops have helped them built their startups as we conducted them both remotely and in groups interactively.
Design Workshops
Pitch Contest Coaching

Bringing remote work discussions to the workplace creatively

We explored this challenge by connecting 2 inspiring artists, Luis Mendo & Adrian Hogan with company teams facing limitations at the workplace from remote work. We built beautiful storyboards and used them to facilitate the discussions for new product and service ideas.
Product & Service Development
Market & Customer Research

Event Branding & UX: Design For Innovation

Design For Innovation brings notable keynote speakers on innovation of Japanese startups and corporations each year for innovation design company, btrax. To create a great user experience before, during, and after the event while branding and promoting successfully requires getting as many people involved in the design process to design with many users' point of view for many different touchpoints.
Identity Design
Event Design
Marketing & Promotion

Connecting Presenters and Audience in an App

How can Presenters and Audience connect for better business opportunities before, during, and after presentations at a speaking event? We explored this question with design sprints, prototyping a mobile App for a presentation platform.
Product & Service Development
Market & Customer Research
About Me
It's been a journey, getting to do what I do now. I went from studying architecture, carpentry, and surveying into UX design.
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A few things 🙋🏻 clients normally ask me:

What's your design process like?
Before designing anything, I'll ask a lot of questions to understand what it is you need. Once we have a clear understanding of what the business problem is, only then, do I offer possible solutions for you in line with your business goals.

This is generally the case and certainly not always linear, however, the process can go like this. We'll:

Diagnose → Define → Design → Test → Improve → Share → Iterate.

I'd love to be sought out for my expertise and valued for my opinion for all stages of your business. Similarly, I'd look to my client for trusting me with a process that can work to meet our goals.
How do you work with others?
I aim to work with others with honesty and a lot of laughter in the process. I share information and involve others every step of the way.

I will also be tailoring my way of communication for effectiveness by asking upfront and diagnosing how collaboratively we would like to work. Getting to understand and respect each other's ways of doing things is very important.
What makes you different from other designers?
I am a multidisciplinary designer with a strong background in architecture, carpentry, and surveying. My experiences in construction have provided me with highly effective communication skills to work collaboratively with others. I have a very hands-on approach to design by making things both in analog and digital which has provided me with many tangible tools to work with.

My hands-on active approach also comes from my love for athletics since I was young. Athletics in both team and individual sports has helped me to understand what a well-functioning team is and embracing my role for any team I'm on to win. Sports has taught me values of leadership, sharing, and lifting the spirits up in your teammates. It has also helped me to constantly prepare physically and mentally which enhances my ability to read and react, improvise, and stay calm in situations that may seem overwhelming.

I have always been a bridge between places, cultures and disciplines which influences my design aspirations that are constantly changing for needs that matter around me.

If you'd like to know more, please see My Story.

Finally, I bring business acumen to design while empowering other creatives with business expertise. I enjoy helping others grow in areas they are not as confident in.
How can you ensure that working with you is worth it for us?
I can only ensure that I will work with full attention to you and your customers' needs and do it with integrity.

I am thankful to share our limited time together. With this understanding, if I cannot help your business grow (create, deliver, and capture value) and I am not your match, I will be the first to bring this to the forefront of our conversation, and offer you references moving forward if needed.

That’s it! Now I'd

love to hear from you.

Do you want to work together or talk about an idea?
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